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D1754 / 47160 / 47605 / 47746

D1754 was a new to traffic in August 1964 allocated to Landore Depot and spending the next 4 years based on the Western Ragion before migration north, first to the Midland before spending time on the Eastern and Scottish regions.

Renumbered 47160 in February 1974 and to 47605 in February 1984 the loco plied its trade on the mainline for British Rail. As part of the Rail Express Systems (Res) fleet the loco gained its fourth new identity of 47746 whilst on overhaul at Doncaster works.

Whilst part of the Res fleet '746 was named 'The Bobby' which it inherited from withdrawn 47743.

The loco ended its main line career on passenger duties in 2003 working along the North Wales coast and was stopped as a runner, being stored in Crewe Diesel Depot, its home since 1991.

47746 was bought by the Brush Type 4 Fund in February 2007 and moved to Long Marston MOD. Initially it was hoped the loco could be hired to a main line operator but with this option not available and with the loco not able to be moved to Toddington, the Fund sold the loco to West Coast Railways which provided funds for the diesel shed at  the Gloucs Warks Railway to enable 47105 and 47376 to be kept under cover.

47746 resumed its mainline career in 2013 with West Coast and in 2015 was named after long time railway enthusiast, Fund member and good friend Chris Fudge. The naming taking place at Chris's home station of Tamworth in the presence of his family.