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Updated: October 03, 2017 .

Loco update - posted 30/09/17

Two steps forward and one step back.

Since the last update the lads (and lass) have spent time spent time cleaning up the cylinder liners, pistons and engine block on the A side. In the last week the liners were refitted to the A side but in the process the CM&EE noticed that the fret bands on some liners in the B side had become damaged. The fret bands are glued in place towards the base of the cylinder liner, they were a modification introduced to reduce vibration in the liners as a result of wear and tear. So the 4 pistons and liners will need to be removed from the B side of the engine again.

Meanwhile the air manifold and the crankcase door from A side have been having the grime and paint removed before repainting.

Loco update - posted 29/8/17

Well it's been a while, hasn't it!

The main focus for the attention of the working party is 47105 and we've been steadily working from one end of the loco to the other. The clean air compartment is all but complete but is waiting for the exhausters to be returned following overhaul and installed. Once this is done the roof can be refitted and fan/radiators installed.

Since the last update the engine has had the pistons and liners removed and reinstalled in B side with work now focusing on A side. Each piston and liner needs to be cleaned and inspected and the engine blocked cleaned before the engine can be reassembled.

The roof of the boiler compartment has been disconnected and will be removed at some point to allow the Spanner boiler to be removed for attention and the compartment to be refurbished.

No.2 end cab has been completely repainted, the cab was returned to bare metal and all components removed before a full repaint. An often asked question is "when will the loco be ready", the answer is "it'll be ready when it's ready".

47376 continues to give good service and despite to occasional minor faults is very reliable although it shows signs of succumbing to the Toddington weather in parts of the bodywork.

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