47105's 1976 Heatwave

Whilst the country suffered a heatwave in the summer of 1976, 47105 had a barbecue whilst working 8V78 19.45 Croes Newydd - Severn Tunnel Junction on 16th August 1976.

Around 00.20 the train stopped at signal DH37B (Ponthir) nr Pontypool Road  where the driver reported to the signaller that 47105 was on fire and Fire Brigade required. All lines were blocked and the Gwent Fire Services were alerted, arriving at the loco at 00.40. 

The loco had been reported to be burning profusely, the Fire Brigade reported that the fire was extinguished by 01.45 and a loco sent from Cardiff Canton to retrieve the errant 47105 with the train removed by another light diesel from Severn Tunnel Junction. Normal working was resumed at 03.35. 

47105 was taken to Crewe Works for repairs, the list of damage to the loco was boiler room severely damaged:- roof burnt, field diverts burnt, all cables/conduits burnt, air reservoirs exploded, fuel tanks burnt and split, No.s 4,5 & 6 traction motor cables on under frame burnt. Boiler room/cab door burnt/blown off.

47105 was present at Crewe Works from 26th August to 20th November 1976, the loco still carries a distortion to the bodyside just around the bodyside window at number 2 end, this is as a result of the fire.