Restoration Update - September 2020

Work continues on 47105 to work out the remaining minor issues following the internal rebuild such as air leaks and wiring issues, it was found during a run up of the loco that the cab heaters were coming on regardless of if they were switched on or off so the reason for this had to be located. An oil change was carried out which gave the chance to retrieve some tools lost in the sump during the engine rebuild, 3 new barrels of oil were then pumped into the loco. 

Externally the water tanks on the B side have had the metal work repaired which were then primed and undercoated, the A side tanks will receive the same treatment. The bogies are at an advanced stage of refurbishment, there's multitude of pipes and hard to reach places that are being cleaned and repainted, sometimes we're questioned why we refurbish the places no one will ever see, if you're going to do a job you may as well do it properly! 

The bodysides have had more coats of light blue undercoat, as anyone painting a loco will know it's a laborious process of preparing the section to be painted then finding the inevitable impurities afterwards and going through the process again until it's as close to flawless as it can be. Recently number 2 end has received the first coat of Buff undercoat to cover the green primer, the painting itself took around 30 minutes, the masking took considerably longer to ensure everything is covered and the lines between the blue and the yellow are straight. 

47105 Sep 2020jpg
Yellow ends starting coming along. 

47105 water tanks Sep 2020jpg
Repaired and prepared B side water tanks